Madalsa’s Vanishing Act! Mimoh & Mithun Da, Please Help The Girl Organise Her Work

Mimoh’s fiancé Madalsa’s vanishing act: Tells Bappi Da, “I’m stuck in traffic,” tells us when contacted, “I’m not in the city!”...

Heroine of the film Do Pal Pyar Ke went missing from the poster launch event at Juhu; held at Bappi Lahiri’s bungalow.

Madalsa Sharma
Madalsa Sharma

This was highly disrespectful as seniors Bappi Da and Farah Khan had graced the event and were happily giving interviews.

Bappi Lahiri And Farah Khan

We learnt that Madalsa messaged the production unit that she is stuck in maddening traffic but when we texted her, she shot back saying, “I am not in the city!”

She was definitely lying to atleast one – either us or the production unit


Madalsa Sharma And Mimoh Chakraborty

Mimoh and Mithun da, please help Madalsa in organising her work a bit.

We suspect she was fighting shy of talking about her forthcoming wedding. However, FYI, Madalsa had given an exclusive interview to few days ago, toh abhi kaisa sharmana?