Poonam Pandey’s B**b Videos & Pictures Make Govinda Throw Her Out From His Film?

Penalised! That's what Govinda has done to Poonam for her desperate attempts to catch attention on social media. The siren is in la-la land!

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Poonam Pandey’s B**b Videos & Pictures Make Govinda Throw Her Out From His Film?

Don't go over the top, they say. Lekin yeh kaun samjhaye Poonam Pandey ko?

After shooting a song for Govinda's upcoming film Aa Gaya Hero, Poonam finds that her number may no more be a part of the film.

‘Mera song Govinda ne kaat diya’ -- that's what she has been telling her friends and relatives.

The interesting part of this story is: Why did it happen? The answer is: Govinda did not know about Poonam's hot activities on social media. Buzz is, he almost fell off from the chair when his trusted lieutenant brought him her Twitter and Instagram Stories.


Like he always does (most stars do), Chi Chi (as he is fondly called) turned to his inner circle for advice. They told him that it was not necessary to have Ms Pandey in the film, which is a family entertainer.

"Secondly, we didn't like the song. We explained it to Chi Chi who also now feels like us. So let's see what happens. We haven't yet cut the song lekin aisa plan zaroor hai. We would rather do something nice with Poonam in our next film," says a source close to Govinda.


However, Poonam categorically told us that her song had been deleted from the film's final draft,

But she strangely added, "You see, it was a strategy which went wrong. They are going to re-include the song." Take that!

We then asked her point blank if it was her harkatein on her social accounts that cost her the role in Aa Gaya Hero. Pat came the reply, "I have been told that my song will be released on bigger platforms."

Pray Poonam, which platform is bigger than movies?

We also hear that Ms Pandey has been kept away from all the promotional plans. She is believed to have confronted Govinda, who told her that he will keep a separate event to launch her song,

Nothing is impossible in Bollywood, but nothing short of a miracle is required for Govinda to re-include Poonam's song in Aa Gaya Hero.

Victim of her own doing. Hai na?

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/Poonam Pandey