Ranbir Kapoor: Not Single, Will Never Be Single... But Not ‘Raazi’ To Talk About Alia Bhatt!

Ranbir Kapoor has said that he is not ‘Raazi’ to talk about his relationship status with his ladylove Alia Bhatt, but has accepted that he isn’t single...

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Ranbir Kapoor: Not Single, Will Never Be Single... But Not  ‘Raazi’ To Talk About Alia Bhatt!

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s love saga is making headlines every now and then. After arriving together at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception, the couple began to talk about their relationship in public. Ranbir, who has kept his last relationship with Katrina Kaif away from media glare, has been surprisingly vocal about his relationship with Alia Bhatt in his last few media interactions.

In his latest interview to a leading tabloid, Mid-Day, the Sanju star has accepted that he isn’t single and has an interesting answer about Alia too. The actor, since the age of 13, has always been in a relationship. However, last year, in an interview he had said that he is single after a long time. Checking the status of the same, the tabloid asked him if that situation has changed now.

The actor replied saying, “To find love, relationship, companionship repeatedly is very rare. When you isolate yourself so much from the world, you tend to find that one person you can devote, or direct every feeling and emotion towards. Because it comforts and shelters you. That one person makes your life easy. And sometimes it comes in the form of friendship. Most of the times, yes, it comes in the form of a partner.”

When asked if he is single, the actor stated, “Erm... I'm not single. I'll never be single.” And when the tabloid directly asked him if he is dating Alia Bhatt, he smartly answered, “Main iss sawal ka jawab dene ke liye Raazi nahi hoon!”

Hmm... Well, isn’t that quite evident?

Early this month, we told you what did Alia say about Ranbir’s performance in Sanju. The actress, who made an appearance at the 68th anniversary celebration of Navbharat Times Utsav 2018, did not miss the opportunity to wax eloquent about the film. Gushing about Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju, she said, "I really liked it. It is a fantastic, fabulous and an outstanding film. I think in my top 10 best film list, Sanju is high up there. Ranbir is outstanding in it.”

Let the praises keep pouring, you two!