Sourav Ganguly Gives A Nod To His Biopic, Former Indian Cricket Team Skipper Is Busy Sharing Anecdotes With Film's Team

As per reports, Sourav Ganguly is busy meeting the film's team to discuss deets about his life which can be incorporated in the biopic

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Sourav Ganguly Gives A Nod To His Biopic, Former Indian Cricket Team Skipper Is Busy Sharing Anecdotes With Film's Team
A biopic on former Indian cricket team skipper Sourav Ganguly is one of the hot topics making the rounds on the Internet. However, neither the name of the actor playing the former cricket on-screen nor the production house backing the film, has been out yet. As per reports in the media, it is said that Ranbir Kapoor will be playing Sourav Ganguly on screen. Sourav himself has given a nod for the biopic, but he is yet to seal the deal. The movie is reportedly mounted on a budget of about Rs 250 crore

As reported in Etimes, his wife Dona Ganguly confirmed that many production houses from Mumbai as well as Kolkata have approached them for the biopic. She confirmed it is happening for sure, it is at a very early stage, she said, “Several production houses in Mumbai and Kolkata have shown keen interest in the biopic and Sourav is considering every option. The biopic is still in its nascent stage, but it is happening for sure.” The report further states scriptwriting has already begun and the cricketer is busy meeting the film team to share anecdotes of his life for the biopic.

“The scriptwriting process is currently underway and Dada is having a series of meetings with the film team to share his inputs on the biopic. Although he has not signed the film yet, work on the project has kicked off,” read the report.

Meanwhile, the cricketer’s daughter Sana is elated with a biopic being made on her father's illustrious cricket career. Sana has been sharing a lot of suggestions ever since the biopic on her father is being planned. “Sana has several suggestions that she keeps sharing with Sourav. The biopic has become a hot topic of discussion at all of their family gatherings where everyone joins in the excitement by sharing their suggestions on which iconic moments of Sourav’s life should be featured in the film,” carried the report. ALSO READ: Sourav Ganguly Opens Up On His Tenure As KKR Captain, Reveals Had Asked Shah Rukh Khan For A Free Hand, 'Didn't Happen'

Along with his glorious cricket career, it will also focus on his life from his school days and his affair with his now-wife Dona. “Their affair used to be the talk of the town back then and the film will include that part of Dada’s early life, among many other phases. The milestone moments of his life – like the one where Dada went shirtless on the balcony of Lord’s Cricket Ground – will, of course, be featured,” mentioned in the report.  

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Image Source: Instagram/souravganguly