The Girl On The Train Actor Avinash Tiwary: ‘It’s Too Early For The Industry To Stereotype Me’-EXCLUSIVE

The Girl On The Train actor Avinash Tiwary talks about stereotyping in Bollywood, portraying characters with dark shades on screen and the toll it takes mentally

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The Girl On The Train Actor Avinash Tiwary: ‘It’s Too Early For The Industry To Stereotype Me’-EXCLUSIVE
Avinash Tiwary has been a part of the film industry for about five years now. He has done some intense roles over the years including the ones in Laila Majnu, Ghost Stories, Bulbul and The Girl On The Train. But there is a similarity in most of these roles, that they all start out as normal characters but take a darker turn due to some or the other thing.

Ask Avinash if he feels that the industry has kind of typecast him in such roles and he denies it. “It’s too early for the industry to stereotype me. On the contrary, look at the kind of films that I have done. I started with Tu Hai Mera Sunday, which was a slice of life film and is my favourite. Laila Majnu was an intense love story, while Ghost Stories was a ghost story. Bulbul is a fantasy, fiction drama set in a periodic setting, which is absolutely different from what I had done before and The Girl On The Train is a completely different thriller based in London,” he points out.

However, Avinash also understands the similarity that people find between his roles. “I do understand when people try to point out similarities between these characters as all of them have a lot of shades and some of them are grey and might look dark. But I find it beautiful because, as an actor, I am able to express all this variety in just one part. Whereas most of the actors that I see around are doing that one spectrum of colour and they just keep playing with it, and that is what I feel is stereotyping,” he states.

Avinash asserts that he feels lucky that even after the commercial failure of his first few films, filmmakers showed faith in him. “I feel honoured and blessed that even after Laila Majnu disappeared just after one week in theatres, people in the industry had thought that they could reach out to me with this kind of work. It’s only a validation for all the hard work I have put in and I really hope that I make sure to maintain their trust in me and it just gets stronger from here,” he shares.

But taking on these dark roles, do they ever take a toll on his mental health? “That is our job and it is what it is. It can take a toll to some extent, but I think it can happen in any other job as well. I wouldn’t say it is easy but I chose this job,” he insists.

Avinash informs that he is more concerned about people around him. “My only problem is that more than what I have to deal with, it’s about what people around me, my family have to go through. It can take a toll on you and they can get affected by it and that is what I worry about. But thankfully, I have been able to snap out of it much faster than I thought. Also, when you have ongoing work, it works as a catalyst to get out of that space and zone,” he concludes.

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