Vivek Agnihotri On Swara Bhasker: I Can't Call FAKE FEMINISTS By Any Other Name

Director Vivek Agnihotri took to Twitter to express dismay over Swara’s thoughts in her open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Now he has called her a fake feminist in a video that's surfaced on social media. Check it out...
Filmmaker Vivek Agnihori has been in the news since morning when he went on social media and blasted Swara Bhasker for her open letter against Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat. Now, an ANI video has surfaced on social media where Vivek is once again bashing the Veere Di Wedding actress. Check it out:

In the video Vivek asks a very important question, "What do I call fake feminists - fake feminists right? I can't call them by any other name."

He went on to add, "The problem is that these urban naxals have a very smart strategy. Their idea is to divide people - man vs woman, etc. And whatever you say, they only think in sexual terms. They reduce everything to sex."

Not just this, he even goes to name other previous controversies plaguing the nation. 

Talking specifically about Swara's tweet he says, "The problem with this tweet was that it was very fake. It was creating unnecessary controversy and it was provoking people. Millions of women are fighting this war of women empowerment every single minute in this country. When Swara Bhasker and the gang of urban naxals when they say such provocative and demeaning sort of language, they reduce this cause of women empowerment to nothing and towards sexual things."

Even in his post in the morning, Agnihotri has expressed his disappointment over Swara’s thoughts on the film. In a strongly-worded tweet had written, “We have interviewed many ‘ex-naxal’ women in Bastar. Each has gut-wrenching stories to tell, full of abuse, rape and misogyny. If they marry, they aren’t allowed to have children. I think fake feminist @ReallySwara must make a trip to understand how the Real Vagina feels like.”

However, Swara misinterpreted the post and went on to turn the whole thing into a sexual aspect. She tweeted back by saying, "I’m sorry did u just suggest that i go get myself raped?????????? Like seriously? You typed out this tweet Vivek... ????? I’d say pretty low and sick even by your own abysmal standards of conduct & civility (sic)."

Vivek had once again tried to clear Swara's doubts by responded and tweeting, “Why is it that whenever we talk about empathy and understanding, fake feminists like @ReallySwara can only think of rape? You can say whatever you want, they end up translating it only with their sexually perverted dictionary (sic).”

Meanwhile, Editor, Vickey Lalwani, chose to disagree with Swara’s thoughts and penned an article asking her a few questions. In case you missed it, read it here.

Coming back to the altercation between Swara and Vivek, let’s wait and see if the Raanjhanaa actress still has something more to say.

Image Source: instagram/reallyswara & twitter/vivekagnihotri