R Kelly Accused By His Former Girlfriend Of Rubbing Poop On Her Face

The list of allegations is quite long!

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R Kelly Accused By His Former Girlfriend Of Rubbing Poop On Her Face
American singer, songwriter, and record producer R Kelly has faced several sexual abuse allegations in the last two decades as per reports in the media. As per latest reports, the singer's former girlfriend has accused him of rubbing poop on her face - after which she was detected with herpes. She was 17-year-old when she started to date him. She attended a concert where, she said, Kelly was giving her attention. Later, his number was slipped to her by a member of his entourage.

Jane Doe No. 5 in allegations has mentioned that whenever she didn’t obey him, he spanked her hard, leaving her bruised. So much so that her skin would be left torn. In addition to this, things got worse when she was diagnosed with herpes. She was quoted as saying, "It got worse to the point where I couldn't walk." Also, Jane said the singer used to force her to tape herself on a video while smearing poop on her face.

Recalling how they began dating she said then they met for an audition she was not allowed to sing until she fulfilled his demand for oral sex. In addition to this, having regular intercourse whenever they met was very much part of their dating phase. R Kelly would record it on his cell phone.

R Kelly controlled her to an extent that he did not allow her to connect with anyone nor allowed her to use the bathroom without his permission. She would be beaten up and spanked if she ever broke the rules. Kelly wanted her to address him as ‘Daddy’ and kiss him as soon as he returned to his room. ALSO READ: American Singer R Kelly Accused Of Bribing Charges And Making FAKE ID To Marry A Minor

When she informed him of having been diagnosed with herpes, he replied, "everyone has it".

Kelly slapped her when she asked if she could go to school, followed by Kelly convincing her to stay with him, and complete her higher studies remotely. Back then he wanted her to live with him in Chicago, also with her parents agreeing with him - as they had a woman to take care of her who knew Kelly. ALSO READ: Porn Star Peter North Accused Of Rape And Domestic Abuse By His Wife Nadia North

She was also beaten up by him with a sneaker, when he caught her message her friend about their relationship. Horror did not end here, he also asked her to undergo an abortion in 2017, when she had conceived.

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