Spotboye reveals shocking details of the Michael Jackson raid

The explosive photos from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s raid on Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch give a sneak peek into Michael’s perverse personal space.

The photos show the creepy home decor that Michael had in his house, like dolls all over the staircases.

Now, sources have it that the pictures depict female bondage and heavy S&M too.

This particular photo reveals a Minnie Mouse blow up kept disturbingly close to what looks like a bathroom and commode.

Michael’s house was also choc-a-bloc with children’s toys and console games, including a Sega game console.

Spotboye told you earlier about the nude photos of males, females and children of both genders that were found during the raid (Police report reveals Michael Jackson’s house of horrors, June 21st

image Source: Radar Online

These new revelations were first reported by Radar Online and the Santa Barbara County has confirmed that the pictures and documents were from their investigation in a separate statement.

Thumbnail Image Source: fullnetworth
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