Ekta Kapoor On Going All Out For The Married Woman: 'India's Way Of Looking At The Same Sex Is Usually Tolerance And Not Acceptance'

Here's what Ekta Kapoor has to say about Riddhi and Monica Dogra's show, The Married Woman and its theme

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Ekta Kapoor On Going All Out For The Married Woman: 'India's Way Of Looking At The Same Sex Is Usually Tolerance And Not Acceptance'
Ekta Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the most famous faces and influential personalities in the television industry and has established a mark as a businesswoman, more than an artist. But there are a few projects in the year which she believes for its art, its concept and its necessity to be highlighted. Showcasing one such firm belief is the subject of her latest popular show, The Married Woman for its underlying message.

Content Czarina, Ekta Kapoor left no stone unturned to promote the show in the best way possible. ALSO READ: Ekta Kapoor: 'Ridhi Dogra Was Scared To Do The Married Woman As It Talks About The Same Sex Relationship And How It Will Portray Women'

The show's theme, focusing on breaking stereotypes and taboos that society's conditioning has set in stone, is so close to the successful producer, that she personally promoted the show virtually and through on-ground events following all COVID-19 precautions and protocols. ALSO READ: The Married Woman: Monica Dogra On Preparing For Her Intimate Scenes With Ridhi Dogra: ‘We Have Great Chemistry’- EXCLUSIVE

The OTT disruptor wanted to normalize conversations by beautifully showcasing same sex relationship between women and their journey to individuality. The content queen led the way once again by starting on-ground promotional city tours. She visited Jaipur city for the show's promotional activities along with the show's central characters, Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra. Her friends and well-wishers also arranged for the show's special screenings which were attended by Bollywood and television fraternity, ahead of its release.

Talking about her decision to go all out for the show's promotions, Ekta Kapoor, Jt. Managing Director Balaji Telefilms recently mentioned in an interview, "India's way of looking at the same sex is usually tolerance, and it's not acceptance. We don't know the difference yet. Either we have vicarious pleasure in our bedrooms with the same sex, or we tolerate it. It means that we don't accept it in a way that it is discussed. We go on reality shows, a few of my shows and discuss Astha's choices, but we are not going out there and saying there are these two women in love because that's radical. And that's my bigger issue that it's okay that these people have their life. They are not 'these' people!"

"It's a marginalised community, but it's not anything different than loving anybody. There's no mainstream representation and no conscious effort from people like me, us, as content creators to make content where the main protagonist is a lesbian, while it is still done with men who are gay. But women who are lesbian are so poorly represented, so I was like, I will go out and promote this and on my shows! Why Not!" she adds.

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