Extraction: Chris Hemsworth Takes A Step Back, Lets The Stuntmen Perform Daredevil Stunts – Video

Actor Chris Hemsworth who is all set for the premiere of his digital movie, Extraction on Netflix, dropped a video of taking a step back when it came to performing daredevil stunts, leaving it to the experts

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Extraction: Chris Hemsworth Takes A Step Back, Lets The Stuntmen Perform Daredevil Stunts – Video
Actor Chris Hemsworth is just boosting the excitement level among the viewers for his upcoming digital movie, Extraction. Dropping snippets of hisproject to be premiered on OTT platform, Netflix, he surely knows when to go that extra mile and when to step back and let the experts take over. Here we are talking about Chris who without risking himself, choose to let the stuntmen do a certain stunts required for the movie. And guess what he shared about it as well on his social networking account.

Sharing a behind-the-scenes video from Extraction, he gave a glimpse of stuntmen falling from a building and landing midst of a busy street of Mumbai. This video happens to be from the movie’s Mumbai shooting schedule; in the video we can see Chris looking a little scared as stuntmen perform this daredevil stunt, followed by the camera panning on to them. In his caption he is applauding these stuntmen and how they have performed these stunts fearlessly thus helping them achieve the much required action sequences.

He tweeted, “Quite happy to let the completely insane experts handle this particular shot! Our stunt team risked their lives and pushed their bodies to get some of these shots, and it’s truly incredible to see. The movie wouldn’t have been possible without these.”

As per reports in The Sunday Telegraph, shedding  light on the action quotient of the film, he said, “I think if I added up every action film that I’d ever done or every piece of action I’ve ever done in a movie, it wouldn’t even come close to what we’ve done in the last nine weeks on this movie.” ALSO READ: Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Is Overwhelmed By The Popularity Of Marvel Films In India; Recounts His Experience Shooting For Extraction

 “We’re limping home at the end of most days, it’s the most complex, most real-life action I’ve ever done,” he added further.

Extraction which is scheduled to release on April 24, on Netflix will see Chris Hemsworth in the role of Tyler Rake, who is on a mission to rescue crime lord’s son who is kidnapped, thus making him go to different parts of the world. ALSO READ: Extraction Trailer: Chris Hemsworth Film Gives Birth To Some HILARIOUS Coronavirus Lockdown Memes

Image Source: Instagram/extractionfilm/chrishemsworth