"Dr Hathi Will Be Replaced," Reveals Taarak Mehta Producer

Kavi Kumar Azaad, who played Dr Hansraj Hathi, passed away, last Monday. This morning, SpotboyE.com spoke to Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah producer Asit Modi, who, with a very heavy heart, told us that he has no option but to look for a replacement of the popular character...

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"Dr Hathi Will Be Replaced," Reveals Taarak Mehta Producer

The show must go on. This age-old saying on-date applies most aptly to Asit Modi’s popular laugh riot, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. If you thought Dr Hathi's (played by Kavi Kumar Azad) character will now be terminated, this one's for you.

SpotboyE.com has it that Modi is fast looking for a replacement to Kavi.

Kavi Kumar Azaad

When contacted, Modi was initially cagey initially and simply said that he hasn’t decided--- but when prodded further, he opened up and said, “We will have to replace Dr Hathi, if you want to know. It’s the actor who has passed away, not the character.”

It is clear that Modi has started thinking of possible replacements. However, he was not ready to talk beyond a certain point.

Kavi Kumar Azaad sadly left us on July 9 after a massive cardiac arrest. The cremation took place the following day and was attended by the Taarak family including Shailesh Lodha, Neha Mehta, Mandar Chandwadkar and Jennifer Mistry among others.

Dr Bhide (Mandar Chandwadkar) and Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) had extended their heartfelt condolences. Ditto forTappu Sena.

Dr Muffi And Kavi Kumar Azaad

Dr Hathi's demise is a very sad story. The man in question was not ready to undergo the second bariatric surgery that Dr Muffi had advised him, with a warning that otherwise he was risking his life. And why? Simply because he felt that if he shed weight, he won't get any acting offer in the TV industry! FYI, SpotboyE.com ran a big interview with Dr Muffi, wherein the doctor was extremely candid about the dangers that Dr Hathi was carrying with him and why he chose to not get treated fully.

Kavi Kumar Azaad And Salman Khan

We also told you how Salman Khan helped Kavi in his time of need.

Let’s see who gets into Hathi’s shoes.

We pray that we don’t ever have a case of any actor – be it in TV or films –who has to keep going with a weight of 140-160 kg under the fear that otherwise he will not get any work.