After Cupping Therapy, VJ Bani & Yuvraj Thakur Head For A Romantic Holiday

VJ Bani shared a few in-flight pictures of her with beau Yuvraj Thakur heading to an undisclosed destination and let us tell you, they look extremely comfortable in each other’s company
VJ Bani and beau Yuvraj Thakur are spending plenty of quality time together. A few days ago, the duo enjoyed a couple’s session of Chinese cupping therapy together and now, Bani and Yuvraj have headed for a romantic holiday to an undisclosed location.

Bani shared a number of pictures from the flight and the duo seems to be extremely comfortable in each other’s company. Take a look:

vj bani and yuvraj thakur
vj bani and yuvraj thakur

vj bani and yuvraj thakur holidaying
VJ Bani And Yuvraj Thakur Holidaying

vj bani and boyfriend yuvraj thakur
VJ Bani And Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur

To talk about Bani and Yuvraj’s cupping therapy, the former shared a picture from the session with her back covered in cups and a grinning Yuvraj in the background.

When had earlier contacted Bani J, she had confirmed that she will continue the painful looking therapy.

Bani J had told "You need about 4 hours sleep after a session of cupping thearpy. The pain goes away and you wake up extremely fresh."

So why did she do it? "I was getting knots. Cupping therapy helps in easing muscle soreness."

Bani had created a sensation when she had first posted pictures of her cupping session.

She had captioned the pictures: “Hurts like hell, and you're left with these amazing marks. But ayy.. scar tissue always stronger than regular tissue right? Fun science fact: The spots that are redder than others are where there were bigger deeper knots/ stress/ tension. The skin gets red because of the increase in blood flood, relieving of the pressure built up inside and helps get rid of toxins. Now, I need a nap. Gday!”

Coming back to their holiday, we are curious to know the destination.

Waiting for more pictures, guys!

Image Source: instagram/banij