Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT 29 January 2024: Anu Runs Away From Anuj After Coming Face To Face With Him; Vanraj Convinces Babuji To Build A Tower

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anu will run away as she comes face-to-face with Anuj, she will then apologise to Yashdeep

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Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT 29 January 2024: Anu Runs Away From Anuj After Coming Face To Face With Him; Vanraj Convinces Babuji To Build A Tower
Starring Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna, Aurra Bhatnagar, Sudhanshu Pandey, and others, Anupamaa is one of the most-watched shows on Star Plus. Produced by Rajan Shahi, the serial has started receiving mixed reactions from viewers due to its repetitive and monotonous storyline. Today’s episode starts with Anupamaa and Anuj looking at each other. She moves back and is about to fall when Anuj holds her. She frees her hand, when Yashdeep asks her if she is fine. He then informs Anuj that Anu will be handling their restaurant’s staff for the event. 

Yashdeep asks if they can start the meeting, when Anu apologises and runs away from there after telling him that she isn’t feeling well. As Yashdeep wonders if they know each other, Anuj runs after her. Shruti comes there in search of Anuj. ALSO READ: HIT OR FLOP: Bigg Boss 17 Enters Top 5 Spot Ahead Of The Grand Finale; Anupamaa, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Remain Unbeatable

Back at the Shah family, as Ansh and Ishani are playing, Kavya goes to Mahi. Mahi asks Kavya what truth they were talking about. Babuji tells her when Vanraj was young and made a mistake, he would scold him and tell him not to call him Babuji. Just like that Vanraj spoke to her. As Mahi gets happy, Babuji sends her to Baa. He comes to talk to Kavya and reassures her. Shruti gets worried as Anuj doesn’t pick up her calls. Anuj and Anu reminisce about their past. Yashdeep overhears Anu telling that she is Anuj’s past and doesn’t want to face him which will make him sad. ALSO READ: Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT 25 January 2024: Anu Scolds Toshu For Partying When Pari Is Sick; Dimpy Cries After Tapish Leaves The Shah House

Vanraj talks to Babuji again about making a tower in place of their house. Babuji agrees and tells him thand change is very necessary. Baa shares that she thought he will never say yes, Babuji tells her that he feels bad about high towers stealing houses. Vanraj gets excited and thanks Babuji and tells him that he will name the tower after him. Babuji tells his son that the fourth share fo his house belongs to Anu and that Vanraj will need her signatures and NOC. Vanraj gets furious hearing her name. 

Yashdeep brings Anu coffee and asks her to take her time dealing with the pain and emotions. He reassures her that the restaurant can be handled and the Pari has both her parents. They have a heart-to-heart talk. In the upcoming episode, Anuj has a dream where he is dancing with Anu. Toshu asks Anu where she was for the last 5 years as she was not in contact with anyone. Anu gets shocked at the question. Aadhya lashes out at Anuj and tells him that if he tries to meet Anu, he will lose her as his daughter.
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