Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Pakhi To MISBEHAVE With Anu; ACCUSES Her Mother Of Being Jealous- Read To Know More

Anupamaa will be seen getting into an argument with her daughter Pakhi in the upcoming episodes

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Anupamaa SPOILER ALERT: Pakhi To MISBEHAVE With Anu; ACCUSES Her Mother Of Being Jealous- Read To Know More
The makers of Rupali Ganguly’s show Anupamaa know exactly how to strike a chord with the audience. The show is basically ruling television screens, the hearts of the audience, and the BARC ratings. The upcoming track will surely leave the audience at the edge of their seats with anticipation.

The current plot of the show focuses on Anupamaa and Anuj’s married life. The audience was in a twist when Adhik and Pakhi got married, leaving the entire family in shock to deal with such a big change. In the previous episode, it was seen that Pakhi refuses to go to the Shah house to stay with her family. She says that according to her, it is not that important. Anupamaa makes her stand clear by stating that she is commanding her to go to the Shah house. ALSO READ: HIT OR FLOP: Anupamaa Tops TRP Chart; Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Is At Second Position; Check Out Top 5 TV Shows Of This Week

In the upcoming episodes, Pakhi will overhear her mother telling Anuj not to spend much money on the wedding because Pakhi will never understand her responsibilities. Pakhi becomes enraged upon hearing this. She goes on to accuse Anupamaa of being jealous. She expresses that if Anuj doesn’t have an issue paying for her wedding, she should interfere. She tells Anupamaa that she will make sure she gets her grand wedding.

Going forward, Pakhi will also refuse to wear the dress Anupamaa gives her, stating that it is too cheap. She will adamantly demand an expensive lehenga. Adhik will try to persuade Pakhi to wear the dress, but Pakhi will refuse. ALSO READ: Anupamaa's Rupali Ganguly, Her Brother Vijay Win Same Award As Their Father After 46 Years, Actress Says, ‘It Is Like Life Has Come In A Full Circle'

It will be interesting to watch how Anupamaa and Anuj will handle Pakhi’s tantrums since all of this is Barkha's plan to poison Pakhi's mind.
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