BEAT THIS! Swami Om Is Behind Shilpa Shinde’s Bigg Boss 11 VICTORY

Well, that’s what Swami Om claims. In a rather hilarious video that has surfaced on the Internet, the self-proclaimed Godman proudly declares that he sent Shilpa Shinde to Bigg Boss 11

There is little doubt that Swami Om was one of the most hated contestants of Bigg Boss 10.

From stripping in the middle of the house and attempting to strangle fellow contestants to sprinkling blood and urine on inmates (which eventually led to his ouster from the show), the self-proclaimed Godman was proof that participants can stoop to any low in order to get publicity.

His acts showcased no improvement even after he exited the house. Remember how in June last year, Swami Om shot a disgraceful video wherein he talks about the importance of a bra in a woman’s life and how it enhances their beauty?

Now, in a new ‘low’, Swami Om has claimed that he is behind Shilpa Shinde’s Bigg Boss 11 victory. Watch the video below:

The Bigg Boss 10 contestant states that Shilpa is her “dharmaputri” and he cajoled the actress to enter the Bigg Boss house. That’s not all, Swami Om apparently spoke to Salman Khan to ensure that she is treated well in the house.

Gosh! Heights of being delusional.

Can it get more unbelievable that this? Now that Shilpa is the winner of Bigg Boss 11, certain people want to cash in on her popularity. Clearly, this is what hunger for publicity does to you.

We wonder how would Shilpa react to this video.

Image Source: twitter/biggboss & voot