Beyhadh's Alleged Rapist Piyush Sahdev's Wife Financially Broke, Will File 3rd Case Against Him

Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev is virtually on the run. After a rape case having been filed on him, wife Akangsha is now taking up the cudgels. Wait for her blow, the man might be hit hard rather soon...

She filed an FIR against him in Malad police station. The charges are "harassment, torture & domestic violence". She has locked horns with him in another case. The charges are "cheating her of her money".

And now, she is getting ready to file one more case. Or technically speaking, will be an integral part of.

The lady in question is Behyadh actor Piyush Sahdev's estranged wife Akangsha Rawat. 

piyush sahdev and akangsha rawat
Piyush Sahdev And Akangsha Rawat

The landlord of the apartment in which Piyush and Akangsha resided is spewing venom. There are months of unpaid rent that the landlord has still to acquire. Akangsha was told by Piyush that the rents were being duly paid, but it has only now come to her knowledge that Piyush was lying to her in this regard. So where was the family money going? What was it being spent on?

This case might involve Akangsha to be siding with the landlord, clearly because she is now being asked to pay for Piyush's misdeed.

piyush sahdev and akangsha raut
Piyush Sahdev And Akangsha Rawat

Why did Akangsha file a case of 'cheating her of her money' against Piyush? The story goes: Piyush was virtually bedridden for 2.5 years and then got a knee surgery done post (Oct 2014) Sapne Suhane. After this, he suffered many slip discs which in turn led to excessive weight gain. At one point, Piyush weighed 108 kg. By this time, he had also taken several loans from Akangshas's father. However, after separation, he has refused to repay the father-daughter duo back.

We hear, Akangsha even has emails where he has agreed to pay back her money, then another email where he has agreed to clear the skipped unpaid rent. But he did nothing except false/empty promises.

piyush sahdev and akangsha rawat
Piyush Sahdev And Akangsha Rawat

While Piyush lost a lot of respect in the fracas, Akangsha lost almost all her life's savings and assets.

And then of course, the rape case which hangs over Piyush since November last year. A woman, said to be from Team Beyhadh, had charged him with rape.

And now soon, Akangsha and Piyush will see each other in Court, maybe even hurling brickbats at each other in public. What a sad end to a beautiful relationship called 'marriage'!


Image Source: Twitter/ Instagram/ akangsha.ak