Bigg Boss 10: The Final 4 Are Here And I Tell You Who I Want To Win

The Bigg Boss 10 finale is in about 54 hours from now. The big question is : Who will win? Well, read on to know who I – an avid watcher of the show feel deserves to win and why...
103 days in the Bigg Boss house is a huge deal and I salute all 4 finalists – Manveer Gurjar, Lopamudra Raut, VJ Bani and Manu Punjabi – for staying strong during these days. Agree there were times when they broke down either because of homesickness or the mental stress of living with 17 strangers (initially at least).

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They all put up a brave front. In fact, Manu came back stronger and determined post the sad demise of his mother while Bani though felt left out since the start, braved it all even when host Salman Khan criticized her. 

Manveer Gurjar gave in his all, never shying away from any task and Lopa did her best to balance her tasks while yet staying true to her friend Rohan Mehra (who was evicted on Wednesday night). 

Agreed, this season was not as intriguing as the past 9 but it surely had it’s highlights. Right from the temperature soaring performance during the ‘Viral Video War’ to Mona Lisa’s wedding, the entire tamasha cannot be discounted.

There were a few  major let downs though in Priyanka Jagga’s aggression and Swami Om’s obnoxious behaviour .

So, let’s come back to who I, an avid follower of the 10th edition of Bigg Boss 10 from Day 1 to Day 102, consider to be a deserving winner. Based on the dedication, involvement, fairness, as well as love and respect for the fellow contestants - I feel Manveer Gurjar should clinch the title.

Reasons why I root for him! 
1) Manveer entered in as a commoner in first episode and hasn’t made an exit from the glass house – only once for the task when he visited Mumbai.

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2) Manveer put in a lot of efforts to complete all the tasks assigned to him even if it was a physical torture to him (Read the time he stayed put with a harness for 4.5 hrs, while being drenched in cold water and what not, to ensure his team – Manu and Lopa –  to make it as the finalists). 

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3) Manveer’s friendship with Manu Punjabi does not have any agenda. They could very well be called brothers from another mother. Till date he hadn’t said anything bad about Manu. So unlike of other contestants who feign friendship at the drop a hat! Sadly, this list includes even Manu who yesterday bitched out Manveer! Such desperation to manipulate the game!

manveer and nitibha get into an ugly fight
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4) Mr. Gurjar understands when he needs to reprimand his friends. But hey, he knows how to make up to them as well. His reunion with evicted contestant Nitiba Kaul on Day 101 was surely something.  

And these are just a few of the many reasons that he is the gem who should glow the brightest on Sunday night. He stayed grounded and has been his true self in joy and sorrow both.

Many support Bani and Lopa. But hey, Bani kept running away from tough situation instead of sorting it out or facing them. She survived in the house post Gaurav ‘s eviction in Week 11 only owing to the sympathy she gained because of Swami Om’s demeaning attitude towards her

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On the other hand, Lopa  always kept getting into senseless arguments and unnecessary fights - even with ‘friends’. 

I don’t personally want to see Manu as a winner because as Bigg Boss 9 Runner-Up Rishabh Sinha categorically said last night, he isn’t actually putting up his true front. I hate double-faced people.

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