Bigg Boss 11: Fans SLAM Hina Khan & Shilpa Shinde For MOCKING Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja entered as the wild card to Bigg Boss 11 house but these two TV stars - Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde - were really rude to her. Twitterati noticed this and slammed the two popular tele-bahus. Check it out...

Bigg Boss is bringing out the real faces of popular TV stars Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. The two were quite popular as the demure housewives onscreen in the respective TV shows, and now in Bigg Boss 11, both their true colors are coming out in the open. Wonder what they did recently?
Well, the two were seen mocking Dhinchak Pooja when she entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card.
Twitterati noticed the same and many people went online and slammed Hina and Shilpa for their behaviour. People have even started tagging Hina as the "most irritating and hypocrite member of the house." Here are some of the tweets from fans:

Just_believe said, "#HinaKhan Most irritating and hypocrite member of the house. #BiggBoss11 #BB11 (sic)."

SrishJJ said, "#HinaKhan is a self centered idiot woman thinks of herself so high but in reality is full of insecurities Stupid woman (sic)."

YMC {10 to 17}‏ said, "Before entering in hse #HinaKhan  have fame, popularity, positive vibes,fans. After entering in hse negativity, lost everything fans, 8yrs good image, she gained only 1 thing "HATRED" After BB she wil gt best villian roles in serials @BiggBossNewz @BiggBossCritic1 #BB11 (sic)."

Kanika Kalra‏ said, "@eyehinakhan knows only 2 irritating liners #talktothewalls and #slowcaps..true side of ‘Akshara’ is so shallow person.#bb11 #HinaKhan (sic)."

Wigs71)anu said, "Day by day hating this woman like anything .. never thought the real face behind akshara is so ugly she is worst of all #HinaKhan (sic)."

Ruby said, "More #HinaKhan hypocrite much! Calling #AkashDadlani  a rule breaker, wasn't she a one when #VikasGupta  was captain. #BB11 #BiggBoss11 (sic)."

KeepCalmBiggBossHere said, "#BB11 Can Salman Slam #HinaKhan fr being this Arrogant n Also for making fun of Pooja. That was GROSS (sic)."

Chandani said, "the way #hinakhan made fun of the lice situation was disgusting... such unexpected immaturity. #ShilpaShinde dealt with it well.#BiggBoss11 (sic)."

Wanderer‏ said, "Shilpa-Hina's reaction to #DhinchakPooja proved what kind of bitter personalities they are. Always on high horse. #BB11 (sic)."

Dev said, "#HinaKhan didn’t even say hi to #Dhinchakpooja   And she talks about Arshi Khan’s tehjeeb   #BB11 (sic)."

Narresh Surana‏ said, "Although not a fan, but I don’t like how cynical housemates are of #DhinchakPooja , especially #Hina & #Shilpa  #NotFair 👎🏻 #Bb11 #bigboss (sic)."

Dipesh Roundhal‏ said, "Troll for her unbearable songs But don't make fun of her #DhinchakPooja  #HinaKhan not even said hii  Very bad behaviour of #ShilpaShinde (sic)."

Õmie Mįrzã  👑‏ said, "#HinaKhan was making fun of #DhinchakPooja in #BB11 .She proved one thing that She did great acting in #yrkkh .Her Real image is #pathetic (sic)."

All we can say is that Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are losing fans on Twitter but will they realise this before it is too late?

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Image Source: facebook/biggboss