Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan BLASTS Hina Khan For Claiming Arshi Khan SPIT On Her

Salman Khan took the case of the two ladies - Hina Khan & Arshi Khan in the Sultani akhada where they didn't fight according to the rules. Not just that, tonight's episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, has a lot of fights and arguments in store. Read on to know all that will happen...

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Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan BLASTS Hina Khan For Claiming Arshi Khan SPIT On Her
Salman Khan's Weekend Ka Vaar episodes of Bigg Boss 11 are gaining more and more popularity by the day. It is always the best episode of the week where Salman comes in and blasts some or the other contestant for their misdeeds in the week gone by. This week too was no different, and Salman took the case of two of the most popular girls inside the Bigg Boss 11 house - Hina Khan and Arshi Khan.

Hina and Arshi had been sentenced by the then house captain Vikas Gupta to the Kalkothari. Inside the jail, the two girls not just did argue and fight over matter, but Hina also claimed that Arshi spit on her after one such argument. Even though, Salman questioned Hina again and again about her and Vikas' camaraderie, Hina kept on bringing the topic back to her spitting topic with Arshi. Salman couldn't take it after a bit and later on decided to give Hina a piece of his mind.

Not just this, Hina and Arshi were even asked to fight each other out at the weekend Sultani akhada. The fight did begin with some arguments between the two girls, and once they jumped into the pit for the fight, they forgot all rules. Hina and Arsi just went on tearing each other apart. Once the fight was over, Salman once again blasted the two ladies for having not played the game to their full potential. 

All this and lots more in this week's weekend ka vaar episode. Stay hooked onto know what twists lie ahead. There are also rumours that no one will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss 11 house this weekend. But keeping in mind the surprise eviction last week, you never know what lies ahead of you in Bigg Boss.

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