Chhavi Mittal Responds To Netizens For Trolling Her Cancer Battle; Says, ‘Mujhe Aapke Life Se Lesson Nahi Chahiye’- WATCH

Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram to share a video and hit back at the trolls for calling her cancer treatment fake

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Chhavi Mittal Responds To Netizens For Trolling Her Cancer Battle; Says, ‘Mujhe Aapke Life Se Lesson Nahi Chahiye’- WATCH
Television actress Chhavi Mittal has been on the receiving end of hate for talking about her breast cancer diagnoses. While fans have continually poured in their love and support towards the actress during the tough times, others have questioned the credibility of her claims, going as far as to call her diagnoses fake. For the unversed, the road to recovery from cancer is different for everyone.

Through an Instagram video, Chhavi has now hit back at the trolls and questioned whether cancer survivors should sit at home depressed without living their ideal life just because they had cancer once. She shot the video while travelling in her car and captioned it, “Me to trolls: i learnt my lessons from my own life, don’t need to learn urs!” ALSO READ: Chhavi Mittal Shares Glimpses Of Her Cancer Recovery Journey; Says, ‘Some Wounds Heal, Some Nag You For Life’- WATCH VIDEO

Check out the video here:

In the video she can be seen saying, “Today I was reading comments on Instagram and I again read people trolling me. There is a thing with people trolling me for my Cancer. They say ‘aapko kya cancer hua aapke toh baal hai, aapko kya cancer hua aapki toh chemotherapy nahi hui. Aapko kya cancer hai aap toh gym jaatey ho. I mean what is the connection?” ALSO READ: Chhavi Mittal Is ‘On Top Of The World’ As Her Breast Cancer Follow-Up Scans Are Perfect; Fans Pray For Her Good Health

She continued, “If someone survives cancer then he/she should stop living and sit depressed at home. Oh, I had cancer now, I should not do anything in my life that I love. So I shouldn’t eat what I want to eat, or I shouldn’t work out or dress up the way I want just because I am a cancer survivor. If you have been victorious in life and have had something as big as Cancer then you must celebrate life to the fullest. So to all the trolls you can go ahead and troll me but I won’t be affected by your comments at all. Because the life that I am living right now has made me learn a lot of lessons and I don’t need to learn it from you!”

For the unversed, known for serials like Bandini and the YouTube show The Better Half, Chhavi has also been criticised for sharing too much information about her treatment. She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in 2022.
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