Erica Fernandes-Shaheer Sheikh Can't Decide If They Truly Love Each Other

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. Erica and Shaheer's relationship is in a constant flux. They are extremely confused about their relationship, and you can bet your last ruppee on that

Attraction toh hai, lekin pyaar shayyad nahin. That's the word on the sets of Yash Patnaik's TV show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (aired on Sony) which is soon going to be replaced by another show starring Sanaya Irani from the same stable.

With the days numbered, everyone on the sets is wondering where is Erica and Shaheer's relationship headed.

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Erica Fernandes (Sonakshi Bose) and Shaheer Sheikh (Dev Dixit) were back in each other's arms a few weeks back, and before you have completed reading this, they may have stopped talking to each other.

"It's not easy to shoot with these two," says a source from the show, "They are very good with each one moment, they fight the next moment. Every day their equation with respect to each other changes. They have been having a very rocky relationship since the longest time but now it's telling on our nerves. Nobody likes so much of inconsistency and unpredictability."

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Weren't they dating steadfastly? "Of course, they were. In fact, they still are. But we now think it's only attraction and not love. If they really loved each other, they wouldn't have had so many fights." also has it that Erica and Shaheer give a very tough time to the media who visits their sets. "They have completely stopped talking to the media, and frankly it's just not fair," reveals the source.

erica and shaheer
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And here's how they last kissed and made up. Erica developed a video of Shaheer's family members wishing him on his birthday (March 27) and posted it on Instagram.

Where do they go from here? Well, now that they have only a few days of shoot together left, we strongly feel that Erica and Shaheer should make up their mind and decide: Kya Yahi Pyar Hai?

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