Hina Khan DECLARES She Is The WINNER Of Bigg Boss 11. Height Of OVERCONFIDENCE!

Hina Khan is the self proclaimed winner of Bigg Boss 11. No seriously! Wondering what we are talking about? Check out the video and you would know...

Tonight on Bigg Boss 11 is going to be a fun night as Mouni Roy will be seen entering the controversial house.

 Mouni plays a game with the housemates where she has certain titles and asks one of the housemates to give that tag to one of the fellow contestants. So when Puneesh Sharma is asked to give the title of “ahankari” (arrogant), he takes Hina Khan’s name. And what’s Hina’s reaction to that? Well, she goes on like, “Main iss show ki winner hoon, tum sabko haraake jaungi! (I am the winner of this show and I will beat each and every one of you guys)”. Watch the video and see it for yourself! 

Now that’s what you call being a little too overconfident! 

If you gave been following the show since the beginning, you’d know that Hina’s game was quite strong in the initial weeks. However, as days passed by, she started to show her true colours inside the house. For a lot of her statements and her behaviour, Hina has been receiving a lot of backlash from her friends in the industry and viewers too. Nonetheless, she has managed to survive this long in the Bigg Boss house. 

What’s your take on Hina’s statement – is it sheer confidence or overconfidence? Tell us in the Comments below...

Image Source: instagram/biggboss