Hiten Tejwani's Wife Gauri EXPLODES, "Now, I DON'T Want Shilpa Shinde To WIN Bigg Boss 11"

Find out why Gauri Pradhan would like to see anybody else other than Shilpa Shinde win Bigg Boss 11. The lady is miffed with Shilpa- and how! The show has got dirtier and Hiten was a victim of Shilpa's manipulation no doubt

Experience is the best teacher, and Gauri Pradhan seems to have learnt it from her husband Hiten Tejwani's shocking exit from Bigg Boss 11. If the simpleton Hiten has learnt that nobody is anybody's friend on this earth, what has Gauri learnt that makes her change her favourite, err, second favourite candidate?

gauri pradhan meets hiten tejwani in bigg boss season 11
Gauri Pradhan Meets Hiten Tejwani In Bigg Boss Season 11

Gauri had categorically told SpotboyE.com that if not Hiten, Shilpa would win it this season. Lekin ab? Bilkul nahin, Gauri will be extremely disappointed, annoyed, furious and much more if Shilpa indeed lifts the title.

Why? The reason is obvious. Shilpa turned the tables on Hiten by choosing Priyank Sharma over him.

shilpa shinde in bigg boss 11
Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss 11

When texted this afternoon whether she still would like to see Shilpa win Bigg Boss 11, Gauri sent us a terse 'No'.

For those who've come in late, Gauri spoke about Shilpa in her EXCLUSIVE interview, saying, "I think one should be careful and stay away from such people. I do it that way. If I feel that a particular person is not the right person in my life and/or get negative vibes from him/her, I stay away from him/her. Hina was very vocal about her moves, and she does it openly without guilt and pretence. People like Shilpa are more dangerous than people like Hina." She may not have said it in as many words but it was clear that Gauri had referred Shilpa as a "backstabber".

hiten tejwani and shilpa shinde in bigg boss season 11
Hiten Tejwani And Shilpa Shinde In Bigg Boss Season 11

In his EXCLUSIVE interview to SpotboyE.com, Hiten also was quite vocal about his bone of contention with Shilpa. Hiten had said, "I am shocked that Shilpa is the reason behind my eviction."

When asked that whom would she like to see as the winner now- HIna Khan, Priyank Sharma or Vikas Gupta, Gauri went silent. Husband out from the game, maybe she isn't interested in watching it anymore. 

Image Source: voot & twitter/biggboss