Indian Idol 12's Aditya Narayan Says He Is A 'Big TV Host'; Reveals He Doesn’t Need To Rely On ‘Rubbish Music Contracts That Keep You As Salves’

Indian Idol 12 host Aditya Narayan shares the reason behind his decision to quit hosting. Read on!

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Indian Idol 12's Aditya Narayan Says He Is A 'Big TV Host'; Reveals He Doesn’t Need To Rely On ‘Rubbish Music Contracts That Keep You As Salves’
Singer Aditya Narayan will be bid goodbye to hosting shows by the end of 2022. Currently hosting a singing reality show, Indian Idol 12, he desires to do bigger things and hence, has zeroed down to quit hosting. The singer, when quizzed by, revealed he already having four projects in the pipeline that can earn him a big moolah. Thus, making it difficult for the singer to give a nod to all the hosting offers coming his way. Notably, Aditya marked his hosting debut at the age of 18.

He said, “I felt that it was the right time to make the announcement because I already have 4 projects lined-up. So I just wanted to inform the show makers that I won't be able to accept more hosting offers henceforth. It also pains me to reject these offers since I get offered hefty money as compared to earlier ones. When I first set my foot in the world of television by hosting Sa Re Ga Ma Pa at the age of 18, I was being paid Rs 7,500 per episode. It used to be a huge amount for me at that time. So now when they come to me and offer in crores, it pains me to say no to them.”

Revealing the two reasons behind him quitting hosting music shows, Aditya Narayan shared that though hosting music shows gave him fame and success, his first love remains music.

Also in addition to having his hands full with music shows, he barely records two-three songs in a year. Aditya said, “There are two major reasons behind it. First, I love music. The television industry has given me everything in terms of fame, home, farmhouse or car, but my first love will always be music. And I can't live without music. Though I have appeared on a lot of TV shows, but I have mostly taken up shows that are related to music. But the problem is since I have become a big television host now, people have forgotten that I am a singer too. I hardly do 2-3 songs in a year while you will always see me on TV shows. So my body of work in TV industry outweighs my body of work in the music fraternity by a long shot. I was happy till date that people know me as a TV host. It isn't a bad thing because I have been doing TV for the past 18 years. I am 33 years old now and by the grace of god now I have enough resources of my own that I don't need to rely on music labels, or their rubbish contracts that will force me to become their slave for 8 years or so on.” ALSO READ: CONFIRMED: Indian Idol 12 Grand Finale Will See Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik And Kumar Sanu Perform At The Mega Event- EXCLUSIVE

Second reason to quit hosting is Aditya wants to be known as a singer or musician over a successful TV personality. “I can now do my own thing, right from recording my own songs, music videos, production and market them as well. You can say that I did TV for all these years so that I can launch my own music label, make my own music videos and sing them as well. I have reached a point in my life where I would love to be known as a struggling musician rather than a successful TV personality. Call me a struggler, a failure, work in progress or underrated, but I would love people to add the word singer or musician along with it,” added Aditya. ALSO READ: Indian Idol 12 Host Aditya Narayan And Shweta Agarwal Expecting First Child Together? Singer Drops Hints And Says ‘I Will Probably Be A Father’

Speaking about what he plans to do next, Aditya said, “From a very long time I have been wanting to produce something, an entertainment based show which will also include me in the star cast. So it would take some time to plan it out. One thing I am sure that I won't be producing music reality shows because I feel that I have worked a lot in that particular domain and I know many friends who have been making them. But I definitely feel that there is a lot of space for an entertainment show on television that I will obviously headline. But first I need to wrap up my prior commitments and work that I had taken up because of this ongoing pandemic situation." ALSO READ: Indian Idol 12: Host Aditya Narayan Shoots For The 70th Episode, Celebrates It In A Total Swag; Watch The Video

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