Is Meera Sehgal Falling Out Of Love With Kartik?

Meera and Kartik may be living together but they seem to be getting closer to other people. While the former is developing an affinity towards Kiran, the latter undoubtedly enjoys Areem’s company

Best friends-turned-couple Meera Sehgal and Kartik live together in Mumbai. While they still care about each other, Kartik and Meera lack the intimacy a boyfriend and girlfriend share. In fact, the first time Meera and Kartik kissed after moving back to Mumbai, they didn’t feel any spark, instead, both got awkward.

But, the two are gradually getting closer to other people. In the last episode, Meera’s good-looking, arrogant boss, Kiran went out of his way to make-up to Meera for Areem’s bad behaviour. He took her on a surprise date, picked her up in his swanky car and sent across the perfect outfit for the evening. The highlight of the evening was that, for the first time, he has a heart-to-heart conversation with Meera about his professional dreams and personal life.

kartik and meera
Image Source: youtube/bindass

Similarly, Kartik’s accidental encounters with Areem are turning very interesting. The first time they met at Meera’s building, Kartik turns into Areem’s knight, albeit dressed in plain clothes. Next time both meet at the entrance of House of Areem; Kartik and Areem get lost in conversation. So much so that he forgets he had to meet Meera. In fact, he even lets Areem eat the food he had cooked for Meera.

What do all these incidents hint towards? Are Meera and Kartik no longer romantically interested in each other?

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