June 25, Divorce Will End Juhi Parmar-Sachin Shroff's Loveless Marriage

It's all over bar the shouting. Only 15 days to go before Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff will be granted divorce at Family Court, Bandra

June 25 is the day when Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff will bid the final goodbye to each other. Juhi and Sachin, who had tied the nuptial knot on February 15, 2009, were blessed with a baby girl, Samairra after 4 years of marriage. Samaira stays with Juhi, while Sachin will continue to exercise his meeting rights as a father as granted by the court. But there's no going back for sure. All the formalities of the legal separation have been completed bar the final signatures, which will be done on June 25. And SpotboyE.com brings you the divorce date EXCLUSIVELY. 

Juhi Parmar And Sachin Shroff In Happier Times

Juhi Parmar And Sachin Shroff In Happier Times

In fact, SpotboyE.com was the FIRST to break the news of the breakup. Cracks in the marriage surfaced in 2011, but the arrival of Samaira post that, had somewhat made them reconcile. The exact reason for this failed marriage is still not fully known since Sachin has not spoken yet. 

Juhi and Sachin have been staying separately since nearly 18 months now.

Did Juhi's short temper spoil it all? Were they poles apart? It may be recalled that Sachin had once told a section of the media: One thing that annoys me (about Juhi) is her anger. She is short-tempered and I am the exact opposite. On the other hand, Juhi had mentioned that Sachin''s habit of forgetting things frequently, annoys her.

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Later,Juhi vehemently defended herself in a section of the media, saying that her temper is in control.

Spotboye.com also brought you the news of  what Juhi Parmar will say in Rajeev Khandelwal's show Juzzbaatt aired on Zee TV tonight.  Samaira was also present on the set.

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“The show that I did was for couples and I had participated with my ex-husband Sachin Shroff. The footage was edited in a completely shocking manner almost as if to change the entire meaning of what was actually happening. I was shown in a negative light to break my otherwise holier-than-thou bahu image, while Sachin was portrayed as a 'bechara'. I was shocked when I came to know that they made me look like a vamp on-screen. It was not a pleasant experience at all.”

Juhi Parmar And Aashka Goradia On Sets Of JuzzBaatt

Juhi Parmar And Aashka Goradia On Sets Of JuzzBaatt

According to Bollywoodshaadis.com, Juhi further opened up on the show.

During the talk, when Rajeev asks Juhi about her marriage and divorce, she replies, “I knew Sachin before our marriage but there was no courtship period as such. He expressed his feelings and we got married immediately after that. I was not fully convinced personally but his love was the biggest driving force. I thought that I will fall in love with him but I still don’t know if I can label it as a love marriage” 

Aashka Goradia, who had also accompanied her on Juzzbaatt, helped Juhi to come out from her pain and take the difficult decision. “After few years of our marriage, our relationship hit rock bottom. It was difficult for me to accept that it’s not working out and I was just struggling to keep it going. Finally, I decided that it was best for both of us to separate and Aashka helped me and stood by my side," Juhi also says in the show.

A few days after our breaking story published on December 28, 2017, Juhi had spoken to Bombay Times, “We have sought divorce by mutual consent and our daughter Samairra’s custody is going to be with me. I was very clear right from the start that I will be her sole custodian. Our marriage didn’t work from the beginning. Incompatibility drew us apart; we could never be on the same page. Our backgrounds, mindsets, outlook and expectations from life were completely different. We tried our best, but our differences were irrevocable. I have not asked for any alimony because I am capable of taking care of myself. I just told Sachin to contribute towards child support so that we can secure Samairra’s future; as parents, it’s our collective responsibility”.

Talking about their little daughter, Samairra, Juhi had also said to the same daily, “We decided that it was best to part ways, because a harmonious atmosphere is a must for a child. She is too young to understand what’s happening in our lives. However, Sachin’s absence isn’t a new thing for Samairra as we have been separated many times. There have been times when Sachin has not been home and she is used to not seeing him around. However, she does ask about him at times”.

Image Source: instagram/juhisachinshroff