Karan Oberoi And Pooja Bedi Initiate A #MenToo Drive To Encourage Equality

TV actor-singer Karan Oberoi was arrested by the Oshiwara police as he was accused of raping a female astrologer. However, a few days ago, the actor was granted bail. Now, he and good friend, Pooja Bedi have started a drive to encourage equality and spread awareness about #MenToo

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Karan Oberoi And Pooja Bedi Initiate A #MenToo Drive To Encourage Equality
A month ago, TV actor-singer Karan Oberoi was accused and was arrested by the Oshiwara police for allegedly raping a female astrologer. The singer-turned-actor who was behind the bars for over a month and was trying really hard to secure bail, was finally granted bail from the Bombay High Court. After a lot of court trials and lack of evidence, the actor was discharged from jail. 

However, as we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow, Karan decided to start a rally that speaks about #MenToo along with Pooja Bedi. Karan along with others gathered at Mumbai's Azad Maidan to demand equal rights for men. 

Karan spoke about his experience. He says that no one should go through what he has gone. During the rally, he said, "People say men are not sensitive enough and not emotional enough but at the other side you expect them to take any beating and lashing and say that it's alright." 

While Pooja spoke about how police arrested him without any evidence and no bases. She says, "No matter how many laws there are here, it is the police who has to decide whether they want to arrest somebody or not, in Karan's case, the Oshiwar Police came to him, they had no bases for actually arresting him. There was nothing to prove, she didn't have a place, any evidence no text messages. In fact, to the contrary, we had months and months of text messages, post the alleged date."

Questioning the delayed police action, Oberoi's lawyer, Dinesh Tiwari, said to ETimes, "It is extremely surprising how police probed without seizing her phones, despite a strong reprimand from HC on June 7 during Oberoi's bail hearing. They allowed three days to pass before seizing the phones. Every passing moment leaves the possibility for (the woman) to destroy data (on her phones)." 

Image source: Twitter/ Vipul Garg Yuva