Kavita Kaushik: If You Don’t Raise An Alarm Against Sexual Harassment In Time, You’re Setting A Wrong Example

While the ugly spat between Shilpa Shinde and the producers of her former show, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Binaifer and Sanjay Kohli, continues to invite bad press, Kavita Kaushik gives us a fresh perspective on the scandal

On March 24, we broke the story that Shilpa Shinde has slapped a case of sexual harassment against the producer of her former show (Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai) Binaifer Kohli’s husband- Sanjay Kohli.

Post the incident, a number of stars associated with the show and producers gave us their opinion on the subject. Days later, both Binaifer and Sanjay filed a criminal defamation case against Shilpa . The actress then found support in Sameksha , who had worked with the producers in her TV debut, Zaara.

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Now, Kavita Kaushik, the female lead of FIR, which was produced by Binaifer and Sanjay, has laid out certain rational arguments, which makes it imperative for us to take a moment to look at the other side of the coin.

She says, “Just as ‘justice delayed is justice denied’, a voice not raised at the right time against injustice is justice denied in a shame worthy form. I have worked with Binaifer and Sanjay for nine long years and believe me, with my attitude in my prime it was a tough job accomplished. In that time, I must have fought with Binaifer every other month over dirty toilets, costume fittings, dates and food on sets among others, but not once have we come out on the streets and thrown muck at each other.”

She further states that actors have a certain social responsibility because as public figures they have the power to feed minds of millions. “If you don’t raise an alarm when you are, so to say, facing a violation of your dignity and speak about it a year later, you are setting a bad example for all women. If you choose a serious crime like sexual harassment to be your last resort in your fight and your trump card for the final hand, that evidently makes its seriousness insipid and invalid,” adds Kavita.

Questioning Shilpa on what made her sit back for a year, she says, “You are a very vocal and strong woman known for her fiery temper and assertive nature in the industry. What made you go numb for more than a year to scream out that a man is torturing you? Believe me, all of us would have stood by you then. The woman card is a precious one. If used for truth, it brings immense power and success, but if used for a lie, it may give momentary success but it brings dark karma.”

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Addressing the allegations of Sanjay’s philandering ways she emphasises that he may have his ways but he wouldn’t make a pass at a woman who is so strong and vocal. “Just like a woman goes through hell if her dignity is harmed, a man goes though the same humiliation if he is shamed with a false allegation. Yes, Binaifer is a tough woman to handle and is extremely annoying to haggle dates with, but she is not a harmer. Sanjay is a boisterous man but is he a man who will force himself on a woman? Also, is he dumb enough to do something as suicidal as making a pass at a woman who is known for being so strong with her voice to the nation? I'm not on anyone's side but just laying logical facts for everyone to see and decipher,” explains an enraged Kavita.

“I'm not interested in any projects with them (Binaifer and Sanjay) right now, neither are they my close buddies. I speak now because suddenly everyone is waking up from everywhere and giving quotes and throwing a volley of allegations at an already cornered couple. What took these people years to raise their alarms? Issues are only solved when addressed at the right time, whereas revenge awaits the right moment,” she signs off.

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