Rahul Raj Singh: Pratyusha Banerjee’s Film Is An Attempt To Make Money In A Dead Person’s Name

Late Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh, terms Kamya Punjabi’s plans of the short film a publicity stunt, says Pratyusha never shot such a film
Controversy surrounds Pratyusha Banerjee even after her death. On Monday, the late actress’s best friend, Kamya Punjabi, announced plans of releasing Pratyusha’s last short film, Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey, online on her first death anniversary, the trailer of which she dropped yesterday.

The film echoes her real-life heartbreak and features a character named Rahul presumably inspired by her real-life boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh.

2 days after Kamya made her plans public, Rahul has gone on record to scoff at the TV actress’s aspirations. Rahul told a leading daily, “What film is she talking about? How and when did she shoot this film with Pratyusha? I’ve a record of all of Pratyusha’s activities in the months before I lost her. She was always with me. We went together to Ranchi for my brother’s child’s naming ceremony. Then we went to Goa. When did Pratyusha shoot this so-called film with Kamya?”

Describing this step as a way to garner publicity, Rahul further stated, “This is nothing but an attempt to make money in a dead person’s name. How can this woman continue to use Pratyusha’s name to get publicity? Only I know what her thoughts and feelings were. She was planning a big birthday party for me when she was snatched away from me.”

April 1 will mark Pratyusha’s first death anniversary and Rahul claims that he still is dealing with her death. “I start crying suddenly for no reason. I had fallen in love with her. And now when I’ve lost her I cannot bear to see her name being used cheaply by people whom she hardly met.”

Rahul also has plans to write a book on Pratyusha. “It’s an idea that I’ve been living with for some time now. It came to me after I found a diary written by her in my house. Through that diary I got to know her even better. I want to write my book on the Pratyusha that only I knew, and the girl I’d have known if she had only lived longer,” he said.

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