Roadies Real Heroes: Gang Leaders Indulge In A Massive War; Neha Dhupia Calls Prince Narula-Nikhil Chinapa ‘Stupid’

The upcoming episode of Roadies Real Heroes will see a huge war between the gang leaders as Neha Dhupia will call Prince Narula and Nikhil Chinapa 'Stupid', in a fit of rage

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Roadies Real Heroes: Gang Leaders Indulge In A Massive War; Neha Dhupia Calls Prince Narula-Nikhil Chinapa ‘Stupid’
Raising voices, jumbled equations - things are heating up in Roadies Real Heroes. This week, the drama notches up higher with Neha and Prince going head on with a major argument. For the first time in the journey, Rannvijay warns the contestants of not getting into physical fights.

It all began with Ringmaster Rannvijay introducing this week’s task “Relay Jelay” to the contestants where every gang had to lift their gang leaders on a palki. Whoever wins this task gets an advantage. As the task is introduced, Neha Dhupia gets apprehensive thinking if her team will be able to lift her carefully. But things get murkier as Rannvijay adds a new twist to the task. If the contestants get dehydrated and want to drink water during the task, each water bottle consumed will add 5kg of weight into their palki. Who wins this task? That calls for a sure-shot watch.

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Amidst this, comes the vote out night and things fuel up. Prince comments, “Strong contestant ko vote out kardo” and accuses Neha of stopping people to join his team. This doesn’t go down well with Neha and she gets into a heated argument with him. “If I want to make Prince’s gang weak, I had the option to send somebody who I thought is weak into Prince’s gang. I have never gone screaming from rooftop whether I have won or not.  I won last year, and the year before that and first time I am saying it out loud because you guys are just stupid”, retorts an angry Neha Dhupia.

Gang leaders get divided on this. Raftaar and Sandeep come in Neha’s support, while Nikhil supports Prince and blames Neha for not letting Tarun and Tara join their favourite gang leader’s team in the previous episode.

What will this fight lead onto? Who gets voted out this week? The contestants finally have their gangs, but Rannvijay throws a trumph card.

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