Shweta Tiwari's Husband Abhinav Kohli On Palak Meeting Her Father Raja After 13 Years: 'We Both Have Been Forcefully Separated From Our Children'- EXCLUSIVE

Palak Chaudhary, Shweta Tiwari's daughter, met her father raja Chaudhary after 13 years. Abhinav Kohli, Shweta's husband, speaks to us about their meeting and also about being separated from his son

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Shweta Tiwari's Husband Abhinav Kohli On Palak Meeting Her Father Raja After 13 Years: 'We Both Have Been Forcefully Separated From Our Children'- EXCLUSIVE
Abhinav Kohli has been making a lot of noise as he has gone vocal about his tiff with wife Shweta Tiwari. He is fighting a battle to win the custody of his son and be allowed to meet him when he wishes to. 

Recently, Palak, Shweta's daughter from her former husband Raja Chaudhary, posted a selfie with him as she met her father after 13 years. ALSO READ: Abhinav Kohli's Tell-All Interview: Shweta Tiwari Has Hit Me With A Stick, Contrary To Her Domestic Violence Accusations'- EXCLUSIVE

Talking about the same to exclusively, Abhinav Kohli said, "I am very happy. And this should be a strong message not only to Shweta but all the parents realise from Palak and Raja's meeting that even after you keep a child away for 13 years from the father. The child will meet and hug him and click a selfie which she did. Palak is such a makeup enthusiast, a fashion diva and so good with her styling. But did people notice a daughter's face that day. No make-up and fashion, just love for her father. After 13 years also if your daughter is meeting her biological father with this much love then what is the point of keeping me away from my son?" ALSO READ: Shweta Tiwari Opens Up On Her Broken Marriages; Reveals Trolls Say Daughter Palak Tiwari Will ‘Marry 5 Times’ Because She Married Twice

Abhinav also spoke about how a child is not asked about his/her wish whenever their is a dispute between parents. "I always want to say this to every parent who does this to their child. It is a futile battle which you will not win. In our society we have not given enough importance to our child. There is not enough legal support to a child. A child can be easily separated by their parents and both parents do it. I have read a lot of cases. The child has no say or feeling and is not allowed to say that I want to be with my father or mother. Kyunki Indian parents ko yahi lagta hai bacche ka kya hai royega chup ho jaayega. As a developing country we have to be foremost in bringing the law for the childrens being allowed to spend adequate time with his/her parents," added Abhinav.

There were also reports of Abhinav getting in touch with Shweta's ex-husband Raja Chaudhary and looking for support from him in his fight with her. Denying the news to us, Abhinav said, "It's not at all true. I definitely had a message conversation with Raja but the first one to initiate was him. In June, when I started speaking with the media about Shweta and my differences, he messaged me saying ki 'Ye drama kya chal raha hai yaar kya kar raha hai?'. Then I told him everything. The pattern he and I had to go through. I told him that I used to think that you were wrong but today I realise that even I am being separated from my child. I will not say Raja was perfect and Shweta was at fault during their split. But I would definitely say one thing which is common between me and him that our children were forcefully separated. And depression of being separated from the child is very severe which I can tell you by my own experience." 

Image source: Instagram/abhinav.kohli024/rajachaudhary