TV Hottie Dalljiet Kaur Has A New Man In Her Life

Dalljiet who is busy parenting her son Jaydon, is also spending time championing a young man with showbiz dreams. We have all the details

Dalljiet Kaur has got her groove back. She divorced  Shaleen Bhanot in 2016 and has since reinvented herself with aplomb.

daljeet kaur

She has got a new name (her name was earlier spelt as Daljeet), a new look and a new attitude

And now SpotboyE can tell you that there is a new man in her life too.

And boy! She loves him very much.

Her admirers can rest easy, she is not romantically linked to anyone. Instead Dalljiet has taken it upon herself to champion the cause of her cousin Parakhjeet Singh, who is an aspiring singer.

Like the actress, Parakhjeet too grew up in Sangrur in Punjab. The self-taught singer’s talent caught the eye of Dalljiet who asked him to move to Mumbai so that he can chase his dreams. He came to Mumbai, moved in to Dalljiet’s home and she enrolled him in a popular music school.

And indeed, Dalljiet’s plan is working. Today, Parakhjeet is among the final 10 contestants on the popular reality TV show, The Voice.

daljeet kaur with her new lover

The TV actress is often among the audience members of the show, cheering her brother on.

“Within a week of him coming to Mumbai I came to know about the auditions for voice and sent him there and he got selected. I just pray to babaji that Parakhjeet learns from this show and grooms himself,” Dalljiet told

She is all praises for Parakhjeet. “He is a very shy and well bought up kid. He has the capability to become invisible in a crowd because of his shyness but when he is on stage, he becomes this confident guy with the cutest smile,” she added.

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