WHAT! Anupamaa: MaAn Fans Are Angry And Upset With Gaurav Khanna Aka Anuj Kapadia For THIS REASON- Find Out HERE

MaAn fans have reacted to the recent promo of Anupamaa and are upset over Gaurav Khanna’s less screen time in the show

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WHAT! Anupamaa: MaAn Fans Are Angry And Upset With Gaurav Khanna Aka Anuj Kapadia For THIS REASON- Find Out HERE
Anupamaa is breaking all the records and topping the BARC ratings since it aired on Star plus. Characters Anuj and Anupama have become household names and they both are adored by the audience. In the recent promo, we saw Anuj’s photo frame falling off the wall and breaking. Seeing this, MaAn fans took to Twitter to share their reactions and many predicated that his track might end soon. 

‘Anuj Is Hope’ is trending on the micro-blogging site. In the recent promo, we saw Anupamaa at her mother’s place discussing the responsibilities she has to handle. She tells that she has her responsibilities toward her daughter Anu, Pakhi, Kinjal, and her unborn child. She has to handle Shah and Kapadia families. And most importantly she wants to fulfill all dreams of Anuj. While they are discussing this Anuj’s photo frame from the wall falls down and breaks. So, is this the sign that Anuj’s character is going to end soon?

Going by the track record of daily soaps, whenever a photo frame falls from the walls and breaks, there is high voltage drama and twists involved. Most of the time the character comes to end. Also in the last few episodes, the screen timing of Anuj’s character has comparatively got shortened. 
Is this the hint that Gaurav Khanna, who plays Anuj Kapadia on the show, is going to quit the show?

Meanwhile, fans are not happy with the makers for shortening the screen time of Anuj’s character or his character coming to an end. Interestingly Anupamaa serial got more reach when Anuj entered the show, and the audience loved his charismatic personality and his screen presence. 
Interestingly, fans have expressed their reaction on Twitter, and ‘Anuj Is Hope' is trending on Twitter. show. One fan tweeted, “He's not an Advait to get rid of when you feel like. He changed the story the minute he walked in playing with the chumbak... Whether you like it or not @ketswalawalkar @StarPlus the story cannot survive without him now. #Anupamaa • #MaAn • #AnujKapadia ANUJ IS HOPE”.  Another one tweeted, “He is our only hope for this show now. Please don't let our hope die @StarPlus  @ketswalawalkar #Anupamaa • #MaAn • #AnujKapadia ANUJ IS HOPE”. Another MaAn fan wrote, “His birthday is coming in a month! Why would you kill him off now? How is Anu ever supposed to celebrate Janmashtami in the future? ANUJ IS HOPE.”

Makers have not spoken anything on this, but one thing is sure in the upcoming episodes you will witness twists and turns and high-voltage drama.

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