BOMB DROPPED: The 50-Year-Old Man Married To Arshi Khan IS A BOOKIE

...says the South actress Gehana Vasisth, who sent us an email. We called her up. Read on to know what she had to say

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BOMB DROPPED: The 50-Year-Old Man Married To Arshi Khan IS A BOOKIE

On October 26, we brought you the story titled BIG LIAR ON BIGG BOSS 11: Is Arshi Khan MARRIED To A 50-Year-Old Man?

Below are the excerpts of the telephonic conversation we had with Gehana, post the email she dropped in our INBOX:

arshi khan

Arshi Khan

Q: Some could argue that this email is a publicity stunt by you?
A: Not at all. I don’t have time to fabricate stories. I have clearly stated in my email sent to you that Arshi Khan is married to a 50-year-old bookie. Infact, I’m travelling out of Mumbai, day after. I will not be available for 3 months. I don't need any publicity.

Q: You have been vocal about the current contestants in Bigg Boss 11. You called Priyank Sharma a dog and a womanizer, Shilpa Shinde a fake, and Vikas Gupta a bisexual?
A: Bigg Boss makers had announced that they will select the final contestants through an audition under two categories – celebrity and commoner. What category does Arshi fall under? She’s neither a celeb, nor a commoner. I feel people need to know that you either need to be controversial or have a bad image to make it to the show. You can’t enter the show if you have a clean image.

arshi khan
Arshi Khan

Q: Are you afraid of Arshi Khan’s reaction?
A: Whatever I have said is the absolute truth. I need to worry if I’m fabricating things, but I’m not.

Image Source: Twitter/biggboss11

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