Waah! Salman Khan PAYS 50 Per Cent Losses Of Tubelight! Star Ho Toh Aisa!

It has happened. The man has kept his promise. Salman Khan will compensate the losses incurred by the distributors (and some exhibitors) over his last film Tubelight- to the tune of 50 per cent

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Waah! Salman Khan PAYS 50 Per Cent Losses Of Tubelight! Star Ho Toh Aisa!
Remember Salman Khan's dialogue from Wanted: Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta?

Toh Salman ne faisla kar liya hai. The superstar will compensate the distributors and exhibitors who lost money owing to his last film Tubelight failing to set the cash registers ringing. The superstar will pay the decided amount mostl;y by tonight or tomorrow. 

real life brothers salman khan and sohail khan in tubelight
Sohail Khan And Salman Khan In Tubelight

The team of distributors led by Narendra Hirawat (who had reportedly bought the film for Rs 130 crore) is meeting his team in this regard in a few hours from now.

Before deciding on the number, a brief meeting was held by Team Salman Khan Productions at Salman's Galaxy Apartmernts.

salman khan and salim khan
Salim Khan & Salman Khan

Adds the source, "50 per cent is a mighty good number. Salman and family have justifiably added more goodwill for themselves."

salman khan and chinese actress zhu zhu in tubelight
Salman Khan & Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu In Tubelight

Rewind: Salman’s Bandra Galaxy Apartments saw a rather solemn meeting about a month ago. Just weeks after the raucous celebrations of Tubelight’s release, the distributors had queued up asking for compensation, which we brought to you FIRST. Salim Khan had then EXCLUSIVELY spoken to SpotboyE.com about the failure of his son Salman Khan's latest offering, Tubelight directed by Kabir Khan--- and how the family plans to help the distributors who have lost money.

salman khan in tubelight
Salman Khan In Tubelight

After the distributors were ushered into Salman’s home, they were joined by Aman Gill (Business Consultant, Salman Khan Films) and Amar Butala (Chief Operating Officer, Salman Khan Films). Once the pleasantries had been exchanged and a round of tea was served, he got to the point. Salim Khan told the distributors: “I know mere bete ki picture se aapko bahut loss hua hai. My COO will look into the matter and we will do the needful.” Interestingly, Salman was not present at the meeting but it is not rocket science that the trio had consulted him before addressing the visitors. The distributors looked by and large happy when they walked out--- even though Salim Khan hadn't specified the amount of compensation they would render. NOW, HERE WAS THE CATCH.

salman khan and matin rey tangu
Salman Khan And Matin Rey Tangu In Tubelight

Many people from the trade then felt that the Khan-daan may not honour their commitment since they had not spelt out the extent of compensation they would offer. 

But this Khan-daan is Khan-daani, its members stick to their word. 

Bravo! Salman, Salim Saab, Amar Butala and Aman Gill deserve a pat on their back.

Image Source: youtube/salmankhanfilms