Hillary Clinton Is Glad Kim Didn’t Get Hurt In Hostage Situation

The Presidential candidate spoke her mind during a media interaction and also praised Kim's husband for going to her aid immediately

Hillary Clinton is a busy woman but she definitely keeps a tab on what’s up and about in her country. And she has now spoken about the alleged robbery that rocked Kim Kardashian's life and grabbed headlines.

In a media interaction, Hillary said that she was just glad that nobody was hurt and also praised Kim's husband Kanye West for rushing to his wife's aid, even at the cost of disrupting a concert mid-way.

SpotboyE.com told you when news broke out about Kim Kardashian being robbed and held at gun-point in her Paris hotel room. Since then, news has come in that the robbers decamped with 11 million dollars worth jewellery after tying up Kim.

Thumbnail Image Source: lifeandstylemag