Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan SPEAKS About Her ‘SQUINT EYED’ Comment On Sakshi Tanwar...

Hina Khan, the first runner-up of Bigg Boss 11, made a lot of controversial statements inside the house. Now that she is out, it’s time to clarify them...

Hina Khan missed lifting the trophy by just a few thousand votes. However, one can’t deny that she was among the most talked about contestants of the season.

hina khan
Hina Khan

Out of all the controversial statements Hina Khan made during her stay in the house, like her ‘Bulgy’ comment on South Indian actresses, calling Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Wahi, ‘Mustande’ or indirectly saying Sakshi Tanwar is squint eyed- Hina has a long list.

So, last night, when the actress got out of the house, obvious enough it was time to give clarifications on all.

sakshi tanwar
Sakshi Tanwar

While talking about the Sakshi Tanwar ‘squint eyed’ statement, for which she was slammed the most, Hina said that she was misinterpreted, “"I am a big fan of Sakshi Tanwar. I got to know that my words have been misinterpreted for her. As you all see only 45 minutes of content whereas we get shot for 24hours. I have definitely had a discussion about her but the conversation has been moulded in a different way.”

That was quite a Hina reply, we must say. When the media asked her take on other statements, she rested the topic by saying, “It's been just few hours I have come out. May be from tomorrow I will gradually know what all has gone wrong when I was inside the house. But I will surely clear my stance.”

shilpa shinde hina khan with salman khan
Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan With Salman Khan

Hina is also concluded by saying that she is happy with her journey and has no regrets. When asked about losing she said, "As Salman Khan said that the difference of votes between me and Shilpa was merely in thousands. So, we both have done well.”

Image Source : Youtube/spotboyE/voot/biggboss11/instagram/sakshitanwar