Debina Bonnerjee Reveals Getting Body Shamed By TROLLS Is Her Reality Check; Says, ‘Decide Ki Aapko Offence Lena Hai Ke Nahi’

Debina Bonnerjee opens up about facing mean comments body shaming post giving birth to her second daughter

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Debina Bonnerjee Reveals Getting Body Shamed By TROLLS Is Her Reality Check; Says, ‘Decide Ki Aapko Offence Lena Hai Ke Nahi’
Television actress Debina Bonnerjee, who has made a name for herself in the industry, has become a role model for many women out there. Having given birth to her daughters Lianna and Divisha in the span of months, she is often seen sharing the amazing parts and the taxing and least-spoken moments of being a mothers. While fans often go gaga over her baring her heart out about her journey, she has also faced a lot of body-shaming comments from faceless trolls.

Recalling the time she was addressed as ‘chhoti haathi’ on the internet, Debina revealed she was extremely shocked by the passing comments. Speaking to Hindustan Times about the same, she expressed that even though she has help, managing two babies is not an easy task. Especially since they “want to be with their mother all the time.” It made her wonder how trolls can be so insensitive. ALSO READ: Debina Bonnerjee Reveals Why She Opted For IVF To Conceive Her Daughter Lianna; Says, ‘Can’t Waste Time Thinking Why It Is Not Happening’

Adding to her point, the 40-year-old actress shared that she divides her time between work and her kids. She further said, “Moreover, after a C-section, the body just doesn’t support you. There is a tremendous change in the body. Lower back and stomach pain stay for some time.” She revealed that trolls are her reality check. ALSO READ: Debina Bonnerjee Shows Off Her Stretch Marks As She Sheds Light On Postpartum Body; Says, ‘They Remind Me That My Body Has Stretched Its Limit’

She told HT, “They are either too insensitive or uneducated, aur agar main hurt hoti jarahi hoon toh mai hi bewakoof hoon. You can differentiate between judgemental and practical comments, toh decide ki aapko offence lena hai ke nahi. I thought to myself ki bolna kitna asaan hai, toh inn logon ko karke dikha deti hoon.”

The actress went on to share that even though she is a celebrity, nothing comes easy for her which is why she decided to show her struggle to everyone on social media. Talking about the same, she explained that she wakes up at 4:30 in the morning everyday to workout at the gym. She sprints in the morning to gain muscle and lose inches and follows a clean, balanced diet as she doesn’t believe in “any fad diets.”

For the unversed, Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary welcomed their first born Lianna in April 2022 and announced their second pregnancy three months after her birth. They became proud parents again to daughter Divisha, who was born premature, in November 2022. 
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