Did Sony Drive Kapil Sharma To Apologise To Sunil Grover?

BUT that’s not enough, the entire team is terribly miffed. What about Kapil’s apology to Chandan? Mr. Sharma you need to do a bigger and better clean-up act than this...

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Did Sony Drive Kapil Sharma To Apologise To Sunil Grover?
Kapil Sharma apologises to Sunil Grover. Sunil gives a befitting reply to Kapil.

Mr. Sharma, then answers back saying he loves Sunil and will see him at his house in the evening.

And now add another disturbing fact about the entire DRAMA to the list- The reason for Kapil Sharma’s apology to Sunil Grover is as shallow as his Twitter replies to Sunil’s sentiments.

Buzz is that Kapil Sharma was driven by SONY TV (channel which airs The Kapil Sharma Show) to apologise to Sunil and get him back on the sets.

Last evening, prior to the shoot with Taapsee Pannu and Manoj Bajpayee, SONY’s Business Head- Danish Khan along with another top official from the channel met Kapil Sharma on the sets of his show. Their closed door meeting went on for long. We hear the agenda of the meeting was to convince Kapil to apologise to Sunil and bring him back to the show. Although Sunil has officially not quit the show till now, but his post CLEARLY indicates he has NO plans of working with Kapil again.

As soon as the meeting got over, Kapil started the shoot (without his main characters) and by night an apology was reflecting on his Twitter timeline. From questioning the authenticity of the incidence reported to now apologising for the same? Mr. Sharma is conveniently moulding himself.

Another very important aspect which has been IGNORED is Kapil Sharma’s apology to the entire team? To Chandan Prabhakar, who was made the butt of a joke, backstage by Kapil Sharma during their Melbourne show?

Take a look at this picture from yesterday’s shoot with Taapsee and Manoj, which shows that only Kiku Sharda and Sumona Chakravarti were present for the shoot. Chandan and Sunil boycotted the shoot yesterday.

It’s quite evident that the entire team is miffed with Kapil’s arrogance. Even during his fight with Sunil on the flight, he hurled abusive sentences like, “Tum sab Ch*$5^**# ho, maine show bandh kar diya toh sab sadak pe aajaoge...” which hurt the entire team a lot.
But clearly, Kapil has not felt the need to apologise to them. Is it because he is just acting upon what the channel is asking him to do, without any will of his?

As far as Sunil is concerned, Kapil might meet him in the evening (that is if Sunil opens his door to him) but getting him back to the show will not be easy.

This time the damage is beyond words Kapil, you will have to move mountains to put up a SHOW with your full team again!

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