Ex-Lovers Kishwer Merchant & Hiten Paintal Spend Quality Time Together After 9 Years

Kishwer Merchant & Hiten Paintal were in a really intense relationship for a long time and finally broke up in 2008. They came back face-to-face this morning. Read on to know why...
Kishwer Merchant is a happily married woman these days, but we all know that every person has a past. Hiten Paintal is Kishwer's that past. The two ex-lovers came back together earlier today. Wonder why?
Well, they were in a shoot together.
Kishwer took to social media to share a picture with her ex-lover and captioned it as: "Fun time shooting with him (sic)."

 kishwer merchant hiten paintal back together after 9 years

Ex-Lovers Kishwer Merchant & Hiten Paintal Back Together After 9 Years

For those who don't know Kishwer and Hiten were in a serious relationship for a really long time before they broke up finally in 2008. After their break-up Kishwer had moved to Dubai for a long time. Talking about the break-up and the subsequent shift to the middle-east, Kishwer had said then, "I just wanted to get out of this place. I needed some time to myself. I have my friends who've been with me throughout and helped me in these difficult times. I do not want to get into the details, but past six months we were having a lot of misunderstandings. That's when we felt it was better to part ways than end up in a divorce tomorrow. I wish him well. I want him to be happy and successful in whatever he does and with whoever comes into his life."

kishwer merchant hiten paintal back together after 9 years why

Kishwer Merchant & Hiten Paintal Were In A Serious Relationship 

So, it's almost 9 years after their break-up that the two came face-to-face today for this shoot. It's commendable that they remain friends even today and there is no animosity between them.
Now, that's called cordial exes, isn't it?

Image Source: instagram/kishwermerchant & twitter/hitenpaintal