Is Aparna Dixit The Next Bikini Babe On Social Media?

Ms Dixit, the star of Kalash, is contemplating the trend which is fast catching up among TV starlets. Infact, it is snowballing!

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Is Aparna Dixit The Next Bikini Babe On Social Media?

Our TV bahus and betis are now the hottest Instagram stars, wooing millions with their bikini avatars on social media.

Be it Jamai Raja star Nia Sharma,  Rubina Dilaik of Shakti-Ek Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki or Sonarika Bhadoria of Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev fame, these TV stars are not shy of showing off their sensual sides.

And now it looks like Kalash star Aparna Dixit too is contemplating a move to the bold side.

Aparna had posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini on a beach last year but made it a point not to reveal too much.

aparna dixit in bikini
Image Source: aparnadixit2061

The slut-shaming which the TV stars have to face, seems to be proving a deterrent to Aparna too.

The actress is livid about the abuse that TV stars have to face on social media platforms, every time they step away from their coy onscreen personalities.

“People need to understand that we  are completely different from our TV characters in real life. The reel life is somebody else’s (writer producer etc) vision .  We try to do justice to it which makes us popular with the audience.  But  personally we each have our own fundas.”

aparna dixit in kalash
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Aparna goes on, “It is not right for the audiences to say, why  is this actress who plays  demure bahu roles  wearing a bikini?  They are their own individuals who have a right to make lifestyle choices. We should appreciate them for they are honest enough to post the picture , they could have easily hidden their real self.”

So would you also be doing the same , we asked.

“I don’t know, it all depends on what I feel and do at a given moment in the future.  Maybe I will do it or I may chicken 

out ,” said Aparna.

For those who have come in late, here are the bikini babes who set the internet on fire:

nia sharma
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sonarika bhandoria
Image Source: instagram/bsonarika

rubina dilaik
Image Source: instagram/rubinadilaik

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