Is Family Time With Kapil Sharma Going Off Air?

Rumours are flying thick and fast that Kapil Sharma’s comeback how, Family Time With Kapil Sharma, is all set to be pulled off prematurely. However, there is no confirmation on the matter. Sad!

Kapil Sharma’s comeback show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma, hit TV screens on March 25. However, fans were left disappointed with the stale humour and cliché characters the show brought along. As a result, both critics and fans panned the show. wrote , “Same old jokes, same old punch lines, same characters (Kiku Sharda dressed as a nurse and Chandan Prabhakar as the poor servant), same Sidhu ji sitting on his black couch- where are the creative heads of this team? The only thing different, which everyone would have wanted to be the same, was the man himself- Kapil Sharma. He reintroduced himself in his comeback show with an ‘add on’ of few kilos and a tired body language.”

still from family time with kapil sharma
 Family Time With Kapil Sharma

Now, rumours on the Internet are flying thick and fast that Family Time With Kapil Sharma is all set to go off-air. However, there is no official confirmation on it.

Trouble began right from the first episode when Kapil Sharma’s fans tweeted about the unavailability of Team Baaghi 2 being the reason for the cancellation of the first day’s shoot. However, the channel sent out a statement saying that a “technical snag” caused the shoot to be rescheduled.


Tiger Shroff And Kapil Sharma

Then, he cancelled his shoot with Rani Mukerji who was making an appearance to promote Hichki. has it that the seasoned actress was made to wait for hours after which her team was eventually told that Kapil Sharma has cancelled the shoot.

Rani Mukerji And Kapil Sharma

Goes without saying, with every day that the comedian wasted, the production house had to bear huge losses . Such audacity!

With such rumours doing the rounds, clearly neither his girlfriend’s wishes nor Sunil Grover’s birthday greetings did the trick.


Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover

If the show is indeed pulled off prematurely, it will be extremely sad news; Kapil Sharma is a very talented and popular comedian.