Is VJ Anusha Dandekar Showing Her Middle Finger To Kishwer Merchant?

Kishwer may have forgotten their ugly spat, but it seems Anusha is still holding onto the grudge. Her latest post on Instagram has her fans talking about the same
Just a few weeks back, Kishwer Merchant blasted VJ Anusha Dandekar on social media for making fun of her friend's Indian accent. Kishwer was furious, and didn't want any apology from Anusha on social media, rather she wanted her to call up and aplogise.

After a few weeks to the rift when we spoke to Kishwer, she had mellowed down a bit, and said that she had forgotten about the whole incident. However, it seems that Anusha has yet not forgotten the whole incident. Wonder what she did now?

Well, Anusha's latest picture on Instagram features her ‘giving’ the middle finger. 

Even though she doesn't name anyone specific as to whom she is asking to f**k off, it is possible that it is directed towards Kishwer. Some of the fans even asked the same question.

If it's really for Kishwer, it's sad that Anusha is still holding onto the grudge while Kishwer has moved on.

For those who've come in late, Anusha had posted a series of Instagram stories where she and VJ Gaelyn were seen making fun of Kishwer's friends' desi accent. Kishwer saw the Insta stories and got terribly angry.

Let's wait and watch what Kishwer replies to this middle finger from Anusha.

Image Source: instagram/vjanusha & kishwersmerchantt