Kapil Sharma Made A Joke Of Himself Over Sunil Grover's SpotboyE Interview

Kapil Sharma is a victim of a controversy of his own doing. Refusing to take a bit of constructive criticism and a bit of grace from Sunil Grover, the TV comedian is raising too many questions about himself

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Kapil Sharma Made A Joke Of Himself Over Sunil Grover's SpotboyE Interview

Kapil Sharma's bombardment, from his Twitter Handle on Sunil Grover over what he told SpotboyE.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview that we carried last evening, has raised eyebrows.

kapil sharma tweets about sunil grover
Kapil Sharma Tweets About Sunil Grover

kapil sharma series of tweets responding to sunil grover
Kapil Sharma's Series Of Tweets

kapil sharma twitter war with sunil grover
Kapil Sharma's Twitter War With Sunil Grover

We do not know if his reaction stems from oversight / prejudice/ or because English is not his first language.

sunil grover interview with spotboye

It may have been a big embarrassment to Kapil when he woke up this morning, especially to see a couple of Twitterati hinting that he tweeted the barrage because he was presumably under the influence of drinks.

twitteratis responding to kapil sharma s tweet
Twitteratis Responding To Kapil Sharma's Tweet

twitteratis responding to kapil sharma s latest tweet
Twitteratis Responding To Kapil Sharma's Tweet

All said and done, it has been a case of "putting your foot in your mouth" and Kapil has made a big joke of himself in the TV and janata circles.

FYI, he deleted at least two tweets which we reproduce below:

kapil sharma s deleted tweets
Kapil Sharma's Deleted Tweets

kapil sharma another deleted tweet
Kapil Sharma's Deleted Tweets

Tongues are wagging that it is good that Sunil was not asked to do FTWKS. If Kapil's reaction to a mere interview can be so vicious in contrast to Sunil's graceful quotes in the SpotboyE.com interview, what would he have done if there had been a strong difference of opinion with Sunil on his new show- and when two people work together both cannot always be on the same page.

While it seems that Sunil has decided to keep quiet at least for now, everyone was closely watching how will Kapil respond after he indeed realises and feels the embarrassment that he has caused to himself. A few minutes back Kapil has responded with yet another immature tweet: The thing is u r smarter then me. u know when n how to play .. n I am a dumb emotional.

kapil sharma latest response to sunil grover
Kapil Sharm'a Latest Response To Sunil Grover

kapil sharma and sunil grover
Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover

We are sure that Kapil has no support system around him to guide him correctly on how to think and what to write.

Just a thought: How will Kapil's fans take to this controversy? What we mean is, will it have a bearing on the ratings of his FTWKS?

And just one more thing: Wouldn't it be interesting to know how the broadcasters of FTWKS, Sony, have taken to Kapil's harakiri?

We had termed this article as sermon in our previous stories during the day Kapil, but can you just read between the lines and consider it as a piece of advice from your well-wisher? We have, more often than not, enjoyed you on television. Can you try and get your old innocence and smile back?

kapil sharma twitter response to sunil grover

sunil grover and kapil sharma

Image Source: Manav Manglani, instagram/kapilsharma & instagram/sunilgrover