Junta Sides Sunil Grover, Urges Kapil Sharma To Say Sorry

The controversy is getting bigger as the viewers who adore the show, have also jumped into it with their opinions- and this one Kapil won’t like...
Kapil Sharma is a big name in the TV world. He has got a little more famous for his antics past few days, although, for the wrong reasons.

A fist fight with his Paaji (Sunil Grover, as he says) on board a flight, making an actress like Vidya Balan wait for 6 hours for a shoot, accepting that he did have an argument with Sunil but that’s fine, brothers fight- Too much action Kapil, isn’t it?

Of course, the viewers aren’t blind to see what’s been happening. And they have taken their sides. Well yes, the fans of The Kapil Sharma Show are urging the host-Kapil Sharma to apologise to Sunil Grover, who they feel is the STAR of his show.

Read the comments below which reflect that a lot of people who are ardent viewers of Kapil’s show, no doubt respect him, but feel that his show is popular and at this stature largely because of Sunil Grover’s talent.

Here’s the junta’s opinion on the entire controversy:

fans tweet to kapil regarding the kapil sharma sunil grover controversy

fans tweet to kapil kapil sharma sunil grover controversy

fans tweet to kapil kapil sharma sunil grover controversy tkss

Not just this, the fans are also asking Kapil Sharma to apologise to Sunil Grover for his behaviour. This isn’t very good news for Kapil, as he always says his fans are his strongest support and when your strongest support cripples, the pain is unavoidable.

For those who have come in late, Kapil Sharma beat up Sunil Grover on an Air India flight to Mumbai. They were on a tour to Australia and were returning to the city after performing overseas.

The main reason for the fight was Chandan Prabhakar, the Chaiwallah of The Kapil Sharma Show. He got into an argument of sorts with Kapil back-stage in Sydney, which was their first halt on the Australian tour. Chandan did not like the way Kapil spoke to him and retaliated by saying, "Tu hoga Kapil Sharma, but you can't speak to me like this." Kapil shot back, "Thappad marunga tujhe"!

Things got worse throughout their trip, and finally on the flight, Kapil (who was highly drunk by this time) lost his cool and started abusing Chandan. That’s when Sunil intervened to handle Kapil and the rest is history.

As things stand today, Sunil Grover doesn't want to return to his show, Chandan Prabhakar is highly miffed.

We guess an apology to his team mates is the only saviour for Mr. Sharma now?

Thumnail Image Source: webjosh & urbanasian