Shraddha, A Cross-Connect To Former Winner Shweta Tiwari: Hina Khan Should Win Bigg Boss 11. Despite The Controversies, She Continues To Generate Support

Despite the controversies Hina Khan has generated, she continues to generate support from celebrities and fans alike. However, we are definitely interested in knowing if Raja himself, and his ex-wife Shweta endorse Shradha’s choice or not...

Shraddha Sharma, Raja Chaudhary's ex-girlfriend and Bigg Boss 5 contestant has resurfaced. Shraddha was seeing Raja before his marriage with Shweta Tiwari dissolved. Shweta was the winner of Bigg Boss 4.

Shraddha is back, and she says she's putting her money on Hina Khan to win season 11 of Bigg Boss.

shraddha sharma ex bigg boss contestant
Shraddha Sharma Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant

Last night, speaking exclusively to, Hina's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal also backed her, saying that there was hardly any competition for her in the house.

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hina khan poses for a picture
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It seems that despite the controversies she is generating quite a bit of support from various quarters, TV actors and public, alike. The viewers seem to be enjoying her content, which is making the show spicier by the day.

hina khan in bigg boss
Hina Khan In Bigg Boss 11

Coming back to Shraddha , so what has she said? In an exclusive conversation with, this afternoon, Shraddha said, "I feel Hina Khan deserves to win. I have watched a few episodes of Big Boss and I feel she is a very straight forward and genuine person. She speaks from the heart and I like that about her.”

So that's Raja Chaudhary's ex -lover for you. We will be definitely interested to know if Raja himself, and his ex-wife Shweta endorse Shradha’s choice or not.

shraddha sharma lookes hot
Shraddha Sharma Poses For A Photo Shoot

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