Kader Khan Latest Health Update: Unconscious And Breathless, Doctors Fighting Hard To Save Him

Kader Khan's health has taken a turn for the worse. Doctors in Canada are trying their best, but he is not responding much to treatment

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Kader Khan Latest Health Update: Unconscious And Breathless, Doctors Fighting Hard To Save Him
The news coming in, EXCLUSIVELY to SpotboyE.com from Canada where Kader Khan is hospitalised, is rather grim. Three days ago, we brought you the sad news that Kader saab is critical. Now, his health has only deteriorated. Kader Khan's wife and younger son Shahnawaz are still in Mumbai--- but expected to fly out any moment. The 81-year old legend is being looked after in Canada by his elder son Sarfaraz and daughter-in-law Shahista. 

A source says, "Kader saab's eyes are open. He was making contact with eyes with some family members, until three days ago--- but not anymore. The BiPap Ventilator has been taken off and now he is on Valve Oxygen, which ensures giving him high volumes of oxygen. Yet, he is breathless." Adds the source, "It is extremely painful to see him in such condition. At the moment, he is suffering immensely." SpotboyE.com also has it that the family is not taking him home since Valve Oxygen is far easier to be administered at a hospital than at home.

kader khan
Kader Khan

Kader saab contracted PSP, few years back. After that, his health became delicate. What is PSP? Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), also known as Steele–Richardson–Olszewski syndrome, is a degenerative disease involving the gradual deterioration and death of specific volumes of the brain. The condition leads to slowing of movement, difficulty in moving the eyes, loss of balance and dementia. This health issue is not common and develops in very rare patients.

Sarfaraz had also informed us, a year ago, that his ailing father was disillusioned with the industry just before his health started to fail. "Things started functioning quite differently. The corporates came in, dosti-yaari sab khatam ho gayi, and it was just kaam se kaam. This put him off completely. Many of his well-wishers reasoned with him- but he was adamant." We don't blame Kader saab. Change is not always welcome. Kehne ke liye toh log kuch bhi kehte hain. 

Sometime back, Kader saab had a knee operation done, after which his health issues really began to crop up.

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